Disney-Pixar WALL-E

Disney-Pixar WALL-E 1.0

Wall-E is a game developed by THQ and published by Disney Interactive
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Wall-E is an adventure game developed by THQ and published by Disney Interactive.
The story focuses on the character that gives its name to the film, a small robot that after 700 years cleaning up the planet Earth, has begun showing curiosity about things that it can find around, and finally it develops a personality despite being a mass of screws and metal. This robot is the only one left of its kind.

Wall-E discovers a new purpose in its life when meets a search robot named EVE. You, playing the role of Wall-E will have to find your beloved in a world unknown to you. Wall-E and EVE are taken to the Axiom ship. In addition, together they will have to save the mankind.

The game has ten different scenarios and more than twenty levels. If you control Wall-E you will have to do some puzzles in some levels and in others you will have to explore, but if you want to manage EVE you will have more action. Throw garbage cans through the air is the best way to confront the enemies, in this way they will get lost.
Some levels allow a kind of cooperative mode in which the two robots will help each other to fulfil the mission.

Graphics and sound
Like all the Disney´s games, the scenarios are incredible and the graphics are amazing. the sound effects are impresive and the soundtrack is very good.

In conclusion, this is an exciting game for all ages.

María Noel Balla
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